Tuesday, May 22, 2012

RJ Parker: TRIPLE PROMOTION - May 23-24

Check out RJ Parker's blog for details on a special promotion for WHITE HEAT, Bernard DeLeo's HARD CASE and RJ's book UNSOLVED SERIAL KILLINGS.

RJ Parker: TRIPLE PROMOTION - May 23-24: On May 23 and 24,  Unsolved Serial Killings  will be FREE. This book is currently #5 in Criminals in the Top 100 and it's only the second time I've put this book up for free in the Kindle Store.

Also on those two days, my good friend and author, Paul Marks will have his *New Release* White Heat FREE in the Kindle Store. If you haven't read this book, it is quite the read. Here is my Review of White Heat

Another good friend, mechanic, author and I think CIA operative but I'm not sure LOL Bernard DeLeo just released a new book through RJ Parker Publishing called HARD CASE this book will knock your socks off. It's packed with action and DeLeo's usual dash of humor and bantering.

Here's the deal ... When you purchase *HARD CASE* on May 23 or May 24, email the Amazon receipt to RJ Parker's Email and he will GIFT you a FREE digital book from the Kindle Store that you choose by either of the following authors:

Paul D. Marks
Bernard Lee DeLeo
William Cook
RJ Parker

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